General cargo shipping from Manchester

Flexatrans delivers all your general Cargo

Flexatrans United Kingdom offers the transport of general cargo at a competitive price for delivery throughout Europe.

We are proud to offer you to take care of all your goods from the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland). Our agencies are able to deliver with great flexibility thanks to our own resources and a large network in the world of transport.
Flexatrans takes care of all your dry transports from London. We now have 12 branches in Europe: Our agency in Brussels, Milan, Barcelona, ​​London, Lisbon, Lyon, Nantes, Strasbourg, Marseille, Bayonne, Rungis and Nice.
Our teams offer you freight services in the United Kingdom and Europe.

We are setting up new lines to Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Turkey, Norway and Switzerland.

This general cargo transport service and also offered in express with a team of professionals at your service 24h / 24h.

Flexatrans UK is more than just a carrier, it's the road transport partner you need !
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Road transporter on Birmingham for deliveries Leeds
Road transport is so easy when we have found the partner in qualified and responsive road transport for all your requests. We are proud to offer you professionalism and expertise for all your loads loading on Birmingham and deliveries in Leeds
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Complete truck road transport for delivery to vienna in Autria
Every day we transport from England all your goods to Europe whether France, Switzerland, Spain or Austria. We are professionals who put all their know-how to the benefit of our customers. Every day, all of Europe is Flexatrans
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Transport of goods from London
Flexatrans is a European carrier. Indeed we set up all your road transport from London for distribution throughout Europe such as Paris, Milan, Dublin, Rotterdam or Berlin. Transport professionals always at your disposal
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Drinks to be transported from London into France
Taking charge of all your cargo shipments is the daily life of our London office. Expert in road transport and fragile goods we can bring you professionalism and seriousness on all your transports. Deliveries in France of beers, wine and even fruit juice
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All your freight expectations from Dover
Taking charge of general merchandise since Dover is the daily life of Flexatrans. Our teams are proud to be able to distribute England or all of Europe. Always closer to our customers, satisfying you is one of the priorities of Flexatrans London
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Find a carrier from Manchester for palletized goods transport to Bergen in Norway
Need to transport palletized goods from the UK ? We offer you our services from London, to Northern Ireland and Scotland. Indeed Flexatrans is present throughout the United Kingdom and offers you a competent team to take care of all your road transport in delivery in Norway.
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Seeks a petrochemical carrier since London for Bologna
Always looking for the satisfaction of our customers, we are proud to be able to put our experience to the benefit of all our petrochemical customers. Professional teams always at your service from London to Bologna in Italy
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Need for a packaging carrier from Leeds direction Liege
Always closer to our customers, we transport all your georgial goods with professionalism. Our teams are trained and follow all your requirements to set up quality road transport. Serving and listening to each of our clients throughout the year.
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Set up loading in London for Istanbul Delivery
At the disposal of our customers, we take care of all your international general cargo transport. The best carrier for your shipments in Europe is Flexatrans. We make the London line to Istanbul every day
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Transporting pallets of dry food products from Glasgow to Montpellier
Everyday, Flexatrans transports are available to all its customers to transport their general goods. We are proud to be able to define ourselves as an efficient transport partner in the European road transport market.
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To implement a road transport of dry freight from Aberdeen for Liverpool
To transport dry goods is the daily life of Flexatrans. Always closer to its customers we offer at the national level all your transport in England. Putting our experience and our know-how at the service of our customers is essential for our teams
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Our Flexatrans teams make every effort to meet all your needs in road transport from London to Marseille
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