International shipment of goods from Birmingham

Flexatrans UK organizes your road transports from UK to european countries.

FLEXATRANS United Kingdom is based in London


We put a team of professionals at your disposal for all your road transport in general cargo, in reefer and even in express

Discover FLEXATRANS in all its activities:


We deliver from the United Kingdom (Scotland, Northern Ireland and England) all of Europe like France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands etc ...

But Flexatrans also delivers countries like Turkey, Russia or Ukraine and Norway

Or contact us with our contact form and online quote: HERE

Flexatrans in UK belongs to a network of 12 branches in Europe

LISBON-BARCELONA-BAYONNE-RUNGIS-LYON-MARSEILLES-NICE-LONDON-ROME-MILAN-BRUSSELS are the agencies that directly link to all your orders at European level.


Southern and Eastern Europe are delivered every day by Flexatrans without exception, your goods are tracked on time and without forgetting the countries of the Middle East.

Our know-how allows us to deliver also Slavic countries including Russia which is an important axis of development for Flexatrans.

We deliver all Scandinavia namely SWEDEN, NORWAY, also the BALTIC COUNTRIES or LITHUANIA ...

With a solid experience in transportation, do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries or quotes by phone or online.

Looking for frigo truck for cargo of fresh products on Leeds
Refrigerated carrier at your service in Leeds, it is Flexatrans to contact, we are professionals of the transport refrigerated truck complete for deliveries in national or Europe. Experts in refrigerated transport every day of the year
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Road transporter on Birmingham for deliveries Leeds
Road transport is so easy when we have found the partner in qualified and responsive road transport for all your requests. We are proud to offer you professionalism and expertise for all your loads loading on Birmingham and deliveries in Leeds
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Express shipping freight loading Abereen delivery Amsterdam
Teams of road transport professionals offer you to load all your cargo shipments on Aberdeen for deliveries to the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Urgent deliveries, express transport is our job, every day throughout Europe
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Refrigerated transport from Liverpool to Stuttgart
Do you need a cold carrier from Liverpool ? No worries Flexatrans is the road transport partner you need for the refrigerated transport of your perishable goods in Europe. Professionals are at your service and listen to you every day of the year
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Complete truck road transport for delivery to vienna in Autria
Every day we transport from England all your goods to Europe whether France, Switzerland, Spain or Austria. We are professionals who put all their know-how to the benefit of our customers. Every day, all of Europe is Flexatrans
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Expéditions express freight London to Lille
Always more efficient we make every effort from our agency in London to deliver express on Lille in France. Our express transport team is pleased to answer all your requests via our contact form. The respect of deadlines? This is our job! Express deliveries
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Transport of oranges in frigo truck from London
The transport of perishable goods in refrigerated trucks is one of the specialty of our agency. We want to take care of all your shipments of oranges from London to France. Professionals always at your disposal.
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Transport of goods from London
Flexatrans is a European carrier. Indeed we set up all your road transport from London for distribution throughout Europe such as Paris, Milan, Dublin, Rotterdam or Berlin. Transport professionals always at your disposal
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Express transport for deliveries to Rotterdam
From England, Scotland or Ireland, we take care of all your cargo shipments for deliveries to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Present throughout Europe our teams are at your disposal and transport all your merchandise with the greatest professionalism
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Refregerated conveyor in Birmingham for foodstuffs
All your transport of perishable goods with Flexatrans London. Departing from Birmingham we take all your shipments for deliveries all over Europe. With road transport professionals your goods are sure to be safe.
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Drinks to be transported from London into France
Taking charge of all your cargo shipments is the daily life of our London office. Expert in road transport and fragile goods we can bring you professionalism and seriousness on all your transports. Deliveries in France of beers, wine and even fruit juice
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Express deliveries of all your goods direction Dublin
Close to our customers, we set up daily express transport in Europe. Our London office is available all year long to professionally set up all your express or urgent goods deliveries
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