Set up a refrigerated transport from Birmingham to Milan in Italy

Set up a refrigerated transport from Birmingham to Milan in Italy

At Flexatrans, our teams are at your disposal to set up refrigerated road transport. We take care of all your perishable goods: Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, flowers, turf, ADR etc ...

For refrigerated transport in good shape according to our needs we offer you mono temperature and bi-temperature trucks with two drivers if necessary.


Strength of our large fleet of vehicles available all over Europe We respond to all your expectations in a reactive and professional way. We have a large network in the Birmingham area to ship all your perishable goods to Milan in Italy


Flexatrans offers road transport throughout France and today offers you its refrigerated service for all your cargoes needing a transport subject to the regulation of the cold chain or needing transport under controlled temperatures.


We have added to our service a specialization that is: express refrigerated transport, that is to say that you could provide all your refrigerated transport with an imperative delays. We respect all your emergency requirements in all your transports. Our teams are at your disposal you can contact us every day


Do you need a road transport with temperature control? Contact Flexatrans: Our team gives you free quotes for all your road transport



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