Price of pallet transport in London

Price of pallet transport in London

Flexatrans European Freight Carrier from 1 pallet to 33 pallets. All our know-how and experience are used for your expeditions from London to Birmingham or Dover, Dublin, Liverpool, Manchester and Cardiff. Thanks to a national presence we respond to your needs quickly and with great professionalism.


Pallet carrier Flexatrans on London offers you the prices according to your orders from the London region for a distribution all England. Flexatrans London will be happy to provide you with their attractive pricing schedules to deliver all of the UK.


From London we deliver all UK departments with low prices on the market. Flexatrans carrier in London delivers Scotland and Ireland. Thanks to our location in Europe, we can deliver France every day of the year in addition to England so do not hesitate order your road transport for Marseille, Paris or Lille


You can request a quote via our contact form. Always at the disposal of professionals and individuals to offer quality road transport.



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